Fall Classes Coming Soon!

Looking back on our first class series!

Do you have a love for dance? Do you wanna learn a new style? Are you a former dancer looking to get back into class? Are you looking to get in shape?

Blakk Jakk Dance Collective has classes for you!

 Classes Start  September 7th - December 15th, 2021

  • Beginners Ballet
  • Intro to Afro Beats
  • Afro-Fusion/ Stepping
  • Modern 
  • Open Company Classes & More!



Brown Sugar Dance Academy

3100 E 45th St

Annex #2

Cleveland, OH 44127



Artistic Director

Ron’Dale Simpson



Intro to Afro Beat 

 Afrobeat - This is a beginner-level class to break down and explore the afrobeat dance genre. Afrobeat is a high-energy dance genre that originated from West Africa ( specific origin is unknown although is believed to have originated from Ghana). This genre combines dance movements from various popular cultures in Africa and the Diaspora. The class will begin with warm-ups and movement exploration.


Day(s): Every 1st & 3rd Tuesday 7-8


Beginners Ballet

Beginner Ballet is for everyone and anyone. Either you are new to ballet and would love to learn some new technique along with learning new terminology or you’re familiar with ballet and would like to brush up on some old techniques. This class is for you!


Day(s): Every 2nd & 4th Tuesday 7-8


Afro-Fusion & Stepping

Afro-Fusion/ Step- This class explores elements of African and Western dance styles, hip hop, stepping, and HBCU dance styles. You will engage in full-bodied physical movement while developing confidence and subtle intricacies for a variety of styles. You will learn progressions across the floor and choreography that challenges you to fully express yourself.


Day(s) : Every 1st  & 3rd Thursday 7-8 


Open Company Class

Open company class / Guest choreographer series

come train alongside the BJDC dancers and learn dances from local choreographers!



Day(s) : Every 2nd & 4th Thursday